Tokyo Juyoh Hotel ホテル寿陽

Juyoh hotel was a fantastic place to stay for my week in Tokyo. First of all, the staff was very accommodating and stayed up until 1am for me to check in. They provided clean sheets, a clean room and a pretty comfortable bed. There was also laundry available upstairs along with a small kitchen downstairs with utensils for the guests to use. The view from the hotel balcony was beautiful as you could go up to the 10th floor and see the entire area. Asakusa is an amazing area to stay in as it is cheaper than central Tokyo and is calmer, so you can take a walk to the Sensoji Temple, Ueno and Skytree and see how regular citizens live. In the evenings, some of the staff would sit with the guests to watch TV and just talk about life in Tokyo which was also very helpful.

Accessibility: 7 (far from the airports but close to attractions)

Cleanliness: 10

Shower Pressure: 10 (Japanese showers are amazing)

Value: 10

Likely to Return: 10